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 The rules of the forum

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PostSubject: The rules of the forum   Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:27 pm

Before all im happy to welcome you on this forum.
This forum is dedicate to the guild: -SoHoT-, guild of gunbound europe.


1.The respect toward others : All messages who contain insult, purpose defamatory, racialist or pornographic will be delete without caution. The administrator have the right to ban immediately the author of this message. The ban can be temporary or definitive. Insulting messages towards others members will be also delete and a sanction can be give to the author as well.
You also have to respect all decision coming from an administrator or a moderator. If you disagree with on of a decision you can send a private message to an administrator and don't explain your complaint on topics. Insulting purpose towards an administrator are forbidden. Members will be ban without caution if the situation need this

2. Hacking : no links for warez website, cracks or pirats downloading. No warning will be give and authors of these acts will be ban immediately.

3. New message : you can create a new message or topic in each forum. Be sure you dont write two times the same message or topic. To correct a message please use the "EDIT" fonction.

4. Respect the subject of the discussion.

5. Images, documents, videos, etc ... : if you use images or videos incoming from others website please give a complet link to the source of the information. You should use thumbnails for your images to not slowly the reading of the forum and also the loading of web pages.

6. Presentation : When you suscribe to our forum, please do a presentation of you to help others member to know more about you.

8. No capital letter : On a forum, the use of capital letters means you are shouting and this isn't pleasant to read. So it's useless to write an entire message with capital letters!

9. Don't use the "RED" color : This color is using for act of moderation

10. No SMS language : You must write your message with a correct

From now you suscribe to our forum and you post messages, you must follow these rules for the well-being of all members.

The administrators and moderators are here to watch about the respect of these rules.

Every member who not respect these rules will be give a warning and if the member carry on not respect these rules, this member will be ban for a temporary or definitive period.

We are disposal for every question. Just send us a private message.

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The rules of the forum
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